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The Signal's Article on NorthPark Mission

 It is our belief that God is the ultimate artist and we should pattern our lives after His truth. It is our honest hope that God will use us to create unique, fresh music speaking to people right where they live and take them on an amazing journey exploring His Majesty, Splendor and Glory.

About NorthPark Mission

  • Be Glorified4:55
  • Let the Name of Jesus4:48
  • I Will Praise You Now4:18
  • Future Glory4:24
  • Remember4:45
  • West Coast Revival6:02

What's New?

New Song and Video "One Moment" - Watch the video here

NorthPark Mission's new album "Future Glory"  Available Now!

Check out the article about us in The Signal.

We are involved in the common hymnal project.  Click here to find out more.

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