Modern Worship

We just had three of our songs to be reviewed by ReverbNation’s Crowd Review  “Be Glorified”, “Future Glory” and “Remember”
The results came back and all three scored in the top 4% of all songs reviewed (Be Glorified (96th percentile), Remember (98th Percentile), Future Glory (99th percentile)).  As a result we will appear as a featured artist  on their homepage for three weeks in November and December.

Here is  the best of the reviews - some funny, a couple critical, but mostly good stuff.  77 people took part in the review process…   

Future Glory 
I personally think that this would be an awesome development------

“It really sounds a lot like Billy Idol if he started to sing Gospel songs.”  - M 52 

Stave’s a bit old fashioned —

"I like that song because its very nice. Its historical song because this singer's singing is old fashion type.” - M 28

"I really liked the guitar playing in this song. I thought it was really well done and fun to listen to. “ M 33 (Remember)

“IT JUST FEELS GOOD...THE SINGER HAS A VOICE THAT IS AMAZING TO ME” F 32  - Sorry Stave no phone number attached…..

" I like the intro and the way that the music sounds, and the instrumentation is pretty easy to remember or hum, so hard to forget. I like the voice, too.” F 24 

“The lyrics are nice, the music is great, and the vocals are a God-given talent.” F 47

" I like how the vocals are sang with a lot of emotion and meaningful expression.” M 26 

"I liked the instrumentation in the song and thought that the electric guitar was fantastic.” - F 44 

"This was a pretty sweet song here. The production quality was spot on and the song features some very nice guitar playing as well. The track had a nice vibe to it overall.” - M 29 

Be Glorified

Some people didn’t quite get it….  or did they????  —

" NorthPark Mission  is a PG-rated wannabe sex jam, with the lyrics referencing how good a girl looks in the light” - M 23   

We are blessed and humbled by all of ... wait most of your...  kind words.  Just hoping that someone somewhere can be brought closer to the almighty through a song or two that moves them.   I don't know about you lets have some Billy Idol Jesus Jam........ 

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"I think that this song is pretty catchy to listen to because it has a solid beat and the voice sounds really good. “ - F 24

"Strong 80's retro vibe. Loved how it had that sound and the singers voice was a perfect match for this style. Great pacing of the music as well.” - M 40 

"What a composition!!! Really beautiful. I was really impressed with all the attributes of the song. Really amazing. 5 stars to the vocal performance.” - M 32

“I Love this - makes me feel happy” - M 50

"Good sounds at the start of the song with the bass and synth” - M 42 

"This song has some 80s influence and I loved that. It actually made me feel nostalgic for my childhood. The lyrics are lovely and different. Anyone who likes Christian music will love this song.” - F 38

"A catchy Eighties style beat in the opening that serves as a good intro for a vocalist who has a lot of talent and passion in their lyrics and the tone they bring to the track.” - M 44

“The singer has a glorious sound” F 48


Not sure how to take this…. 

"An inquiringly played guitar opening that  serves as a good intro for a vocalist who has a lot of talent and passion in their lyrics and the tone they bring to the track.” M 44 

Dave is hunting this guy as we speak —— 

"Its an okay song except for the drum beat in the beginning which is all over the place.” M 34 

"I like the rhythm and beat of the music. The sounds blend well together.” F 34

“The music was beautiful and makes you feel joy. The lyrics are beautiful and poetic and original. “ F 38

"Captivating music and lyrics. Felt like I wanted to dance..” M 24

"I like both the song title and the band name. These lyrics are really beautiful and easy to understand. Very pretty song, very melodic and joyful sounding. The lyrics are so positive and energizing.” F 56 

"This was a really nice mellow and sensual song with a sweet relaxing vibe to it. The vocals were well delivered on this song as well. The singer had a really good voice too.” M 29

"Its track is very slow and romantic song and so I wanna listen again and again. I love you so much for that song.” M 28

"The piano's melody is so beautiful and compelling.” M 26 

"I liked the instrumentation of the song and found the piano to sound quite amazing” F 44

“The instrumentation was really easy to listen to and enjoy. It was entertaining and held my attention” M 34

“I really like this group, they have a light airy way and blend so nicely”  F 48 

A bit critical here but ready to fix it - wait... Snow Patrol???   -

"Chill intro. Feels like I'm back in the early 90s. Lenny kravitz, Blur. It's a little flat in the lyrics. The notes are too similar for too long in the chorus and I'm glad when it finally drops and we're back to the chill guitar from the start. More variety in the chorus would be a huge improvement. Bit of a generic singer. It's like Coldplay, Snow Patrol or the Eagles but it's not as catchy. It sounds quite polished. If this band came up with a catchy song they'd probably get some recognition.” - M 29